Friday, March 14, 2008

Forced marriages

Times Online Schools in areas feared to have high rates of forced marriage are refusing to display posters on the issue because they are too hard-hitting, according to a government report.

The problem is a serious one. Do yu think if the posters are more acceptable, they will stop doing what is wrong?
Headteachers are unwilling to put up the posters for fear that they might offend some parents.
Only the parents forcing their children to go to some foreign country and marry a relative that the parents selected are likely to be offended, and they are doing someting which should be stopped.
The disclosure came in findings from the Department for Children, Schools and Families showing that 2,089 pupils were absent from school without explanation in 14 areas of England believed to have a high incidence of forced marriage.... “Some schools in Leeds are displaying the posters but others are concerned that they may offend some of their parents,” the paper said.
Well maybe if they just display the posters in schools where the parents are not doing it, it will be good enough. NOT!!!!!
... Margaret Moran described schools’ resistance to displaying the posters as shocking. She said: “People just don’t want to talk about it.
They don't have to talk about it. Just stop doing it.
“This can involve violence, rape, kidnap — what more important issue can there be? The cultural thing is just a big smokescreen.”

Michelle Malkin blogged Don’t look at this poster! Muslims might be offended.

Bloodthirsty Liberal blogged In a related story, prisons across the land have removed copies of The Ten Commandments from common areas, out of fear that the prohibitions against murder, theft, and perjury would offend the inmates.

Jimmie blogged The article doesn’t specifically say which parents the posters will allegedly offend, but you can make a fairly educated guess that Muslim parents are one of the larger groups.

Which is great from the Muslims’ standpoint. They didn’t even have to make a peep to have their backwards practice tacitly endorsed by the British educational system. I suppose that’s what a few riots will get you these days.

John Hawkins blogged In other words, the ninnies who run the school system over there don't even have the guts to say to people, "Forced marriages are backwards, wrong, and incompatable with the Western values that have made Britain a great nation."

Pursuing Holiness blogged The Orwellian process of culling our speech of anything that has the potential to offend continues apace. These are three ads which were either not displayed or displayed briefly and taken down because they were deemed offensive.

Advertising condemning forced marriages is unacceptable in civilized company. (The forced marriages themselves are evidently A-okay.)

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