Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Asian Muslims protest against Danish cartoons

Yahoo! News reported Hundreds of students burnt tires and blocked roads in the eastern Pakistani city of Multan on Wednesday in protest at the reprinting in Danish newspapers of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad last month.
What did they have to do with the publication of the cartoons? In fact how many people in Multan even subscribe to Danish newspapers?
"All Muslims should fight for Islam," student leader Imran Liaquat told the crowd.
Is Islam so weak that you must burn tires on a road in rural Pakistan, blocking poor farmers from getting to market, to give it strength.
Muslim anger at the satirical cartoons, which first erupted in 2005, sparked a similar protest in Bangkok, the Thai capital where 400 Muslims marched to the Danish embassy to register their discontent.
Do they also protest the publication of other cartoons?
Dozens of police blockaded the embassy gates as the crowd chanted anti-Danish slogans, burnt a Danish flag and stamped on pictures of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen before dispersing peacefully.
Oh well, as long as it ended peacefully.
At least 50 people have been killed in protests against the publication of the cartoons,
Killed by whom? Roving bands of Danish cartoonists, armed with pens and paper pads, drawing cartoons that cause immediate death? Or perhaps by fellow Muslims told by clerics they should be mad at something they never saw?
which Muslims say are an affront to Islam. Newspapers which have reprinted the cartoons argue they are defending the right to media freedom.

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