Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dream team

Susan Page writes in USAToday What are the odds Democrats will field a "dream team ticket" with Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton combining forces?

The chances are about the same as pigs flying. If Obama accepted the VP under Hillary, he would at best be third in line for power, because Bill would always be there grabbing the spotlight, and if Hillary was stupid enough to join Obama's ticket she would really find the position not worth a bucket of warm spit, because Obama would be so weak that many different power brokrs in the Democratic party would be jockeying for power, and the Clinton wing would be just one of many.
London bookmaker Ladbrokes is taking bets at 8-1, but leading Democratic insiders aren't ready to put down their money — yet. The conundrum: The need for a coalition ticket that could mend the party's divisions becomes more urgent as the primary battle stretches on and takes a harsher tone. Yet as their fight gets fiercer, it becomes harder to imagine the two ever getting together.

Everyone is worried about what will happen if there is a brokered convention. I am hoping there will be one, because regardless of who ends up the candidate, the Democratic Party will be split. But Mark Tomasik is crazy if he thinks a brokered convention will end up as a Gore-led ticket.

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