Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Media Matters predicting problems for Fox

Eric Boehlert wrote on Media Matters Fox News is in for a very rough 2008, My guess is that Fox News guru Roger Ailes has been reaching for the Tums more often than usual early in the New Year, and there are lots of reasons for the hovering angst. Let's take an extended multiple choice quiz. Right now, which of the following topics is likely causing the discomfort inside Ailes' Fox News empire?

James Joyner blogged I’d say the reason is far more mundane: Their inexplicable failure to offer a high-definition (HDTV) broadcast. As prices have dropped, millions of us have bought HD sets. Figures vary, but estimates have roughly a third of US households having HDTV and that number is rapidly increasing with every passing month.... It had been quite some time since I’d watched cable news, since I find the Internet much more efficient for information gathering, but I finally turned back to it for the New Hampshire returns and was shocked to find that Fox was still broadcasting in standard def, which looks especially bad on a large screen plasma. I switched over to CNN, which has a crystal-clear hi-def signal, and never flipped back.

I believe Eric is just hoping Fox News will die. James may have a point, but if so I suspect Fox News will begin HD broadcasting, and true conservatives can't stand the left wing commentary on Clinton News Network, regardless of how pretty their program is on a HD TV.

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