Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clinton Hate

The world is turning against the Clintons.

TalkLeft said Regarding the Media coverage of this primary season it now seems clear that there is a new rule that objectivity and appearances thereof are out the window. Certainly at NBC this is true. From the far right commentators like Joe Scarborough to the liberal newscaster Keith Olbermann and Establishment columnists like Eugene Robinson and Margaret Carlson any pretense of not openly rooting against the Clintons has now been discarded. Ted Kennedy endorsing is Obama CBS News reports Bill Clinton's Lost Legacy Michael Weiss blogged on Pajamas Media How quickly the favorite ex-president became a mangy and uxorious attack animal, berating journalists, slandering Barack Obama, and patronizing blacks. In the first of a new daily Midday news roundup, Michael Weiss charts the pandemic disillusionment with Bill Clinton — especially on the liberal-left. Even Scrappleface is joking about it South Carolina Loss Jars Clinton to Ponder Pull Out: Associates of former President Bill Clinton privately tell reporters they would not be surprised if he announced, as early as this week, that he’s dropping his White House bid.... If the former president does drop out, experts believe the most likely beneficiary would be New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

I would not call the Clintons dead. Even cancer has a tendency to pop back up after you think the chemo has worked. But I bet lamps are being thrown in the Clinton household tonight.

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Greta Perry said...

I think people just want Bill to shut up because this isn't his campaign. Dick Morris is certainly in the "hate" court for the Clintons. They would be my worst nightmares!