Friday, November 30, 2007


Talking about CNN using questions from members of Democratic campaigns and other Democratic supporters in the Republican You Tube debate, Todd Beeton from MyDD said To fan the flames, Michelle Malkin is doing her usual stalking job
STALKING???. Since when is using Google to do research defined as stalking?
on several of the questioners and has uncovered support for some of the Democratic candidates. God forbid!
Allowing partisans to ask questions is not the problem. Identifying them as undecided voters when they had decided, and or were not eligible to vote, is the problem.
Hat tip Danny Glover

But the most humorous response to CNN using plants to ask questions at the debate came from Jim Lynch who blogged In a cable television coup, the Home and Garden Network has landed the next presidential debate. It will be co-hosted by Martha Stewart and that irritating gardening guy with the goofy mustache.
“We heard about the large number of plants in the past two debates and realized that we would be the logical choice for the next forum,” a spokesman for the network announced.

“While plants can improve the curb appeal of any home and are simple to work with, it is best to learn from the professionals.”

“CNN and YouTube made a half-hearted attempt, but sometimes you just have to call a ficus a ficus,” concluded the spokesman.
Candidates will be invited to participate in denim and flannel. Question will be vetted by the Department of Agriculture.

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