Monday, November 26, 2007

Edwards Offers Heating Plan

NYT reported Former Senator John Edwards outlined a proposal yesterday in New Hampshire to lower the cost of heating oil, increase regulation of oil companies and promote energy efficiency....
Give the government more control. That is a typical Democratic solution. If that was a good idea, then socialism would have resulted in Europe being a major world power (it isn't), second only to Communist countries (and even Europe is in better economic condition than they are).
To ease the financial burden for low-income families, Mr. Edwards, a Democrat from North Carolina, said Congress should tap into its heating and oil reserves
Absolutely NO. Those reserves are for use in a time of war or major national disaster. Not to buy a politician some votes by temporarily driving down prices.
and increase subsidies to the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program....
Typical Democratic solution, Let the Government pay for it (with money it steals from the Rich.
He also spoke out against oil companies, saying they exerted too much control and should be investigated more fully by the Justice Department. “We need to find out if these oil companies are gouging the American people, because we know they’re making a lot of money,”
But first we need to investigate trial lawyers like Mr Edwards to find out if they are gouging the Judicial system, because we know they're making a lot of money.
Mr. Edwards said. “We need to stop subsidizing the big oil companies’ profits with taxpayer money.”
Which we do not do.
He proposed increasing financial assistance for a program to winterize homes, putting it on a $500 million annual budget, and supporting emergency loans for families to pay heating bills.
You don't borrow money to pay for a regular (annual) expense. You borrow money to make capital improvements, or because of an unexpected one time occurance like a major one-time destructive event or a major illness.

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