Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Man arrested after reporting pot theft

Yahoo! News reported A man was arrested for drug possession after telling authorities that two masked gunmen had stolen 150 pounds of marijuana from his home.

I guess it does not take much intelligence to be a criminal. That is as bad as the guy facing drug charges after he walked into the Danbury police station puffing on a marijuana-filled cigar
Hidalgo County sheriff's deputies arrived at the home near Penitas in South Texas to find the door kicked in and nearly 15 pounds of pot lying on the floor, Sheriff Lupe Trevino said.
If they had taken that too, they would not have been able to get him for possession.
Jose Guadalupe Flores, 35, escaped while the men ransacked the house but returned later and told the deputies he had been wrapping the drugs for shipment when the intruders arrived. "The guy walked right up and said the drugs were his," Trevino said. "That's not the smartest move."
I wonder if he expects to get them back if the thief is caught.
Flores, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was charged with felony possession of marijuana at an arraignment hearing Monday. Because of his immigration status, Flores will be jailed until his case is heard.
At least they have stopped catch-and-release.

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