Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All modern discoveries are by Muslim scientists

Daily Times (Pakistan) reported Muslim scientists have made all discoveries of the current age, said University of Columbia’s Arabic and Islamic Studies prof George Saliba at a seminar at the Government College University (GCU) on Monday.
And yet as this and this indicates from a pool of 1.4 BILLION Muslims which are 20% of the world's population (2 out of every 10 people), there were only 6 Nobel prizes won by Muslims, and only two of them were in sciences, and yet there are only 12 Million Jews in the entire world yet they have received 178 Nobel Prizes.
The seminar, titled The Problems of Historiography of Islamic Science, was held at Fazl-e-Hussain Hall. Saliba gave a critique of the standard classical accounts of the rise of Islamic science. He detailed problems in the accounts and explained alternative historiography that described the rise of an Islamic scientific tradition as a result of social and political conditions within the nascent Islamic empire. He said Muslim philosophy was the impetus behind Islamic science that had contributed to various disciplines including botany, zoology, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, astronomy, physics,
They invented physics twice. I know Allah can't seem to make up his mind (The Qur'an is unique among sacred scriptures in requiring a doctrine of abrogation (naskh) in which later pronouncements of the Prophet declare null and void his earlier pronouncements): 2:106, 16:101, 13:39, and 17:86. Is this similar?
another double up
physiology and mathematics in the pre-industrial era.

Lazarus commented Every primitive authoritarian culture thinks they invented everything. Remember how the Soviets "invented everything"?

maddogg commented Still waiting for the next Islamic Moon shot....Oh yeah, we get one of those 5 times a day anyhow.....

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