Thursday, September 13, 2007


The American Spectator reported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton previously supported campaign-finance reform proposals that would have required immediate and full transparency of donor names involved in bundling of political donations. But now Clinton has ordered that none of the 200 or so individuals who bundled some $850,000 with disgraced Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu be disclosed to the media.
What seems good when working on bills does not look good when you are trying to cover up a scandal in your campaign.
Clinton's campaign in New York is now scrambling to get a handle on just how much trouble Hsu has caused. "We still aren't sure just how bad this situation is," says a Manhattan-based political consultant working for Clinton. "Hsu obviously brought in a lot of money, but he also brought in a lot of people and some of those folks were bundling funds too."

We also see Hsu sent a suicide note before getting on the train. He tried taking pills. He should have shot himself like Vincent Foster supposedly did.

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