Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Convert or die

BBC NEWS reported A group of South Koreans held hostage by Taleban militants in Afghanistan have said they were beaten and ordered at gunpoint to convert to Islam.
Even though Surah 2:256 says “There is no compulsion in religion…”
At a news conference in Seoul, the former captives also said they were made to work "like slaves" during their six-week ordeal.
In other words they treated you like a Dhimmi.
... The former hostages said they feared for their lives at times when their captors turned violent. "We were beaten with a tree branch or kicked around. Some kidnappers threatened us with death at gunpoint to force us to follow them in chanting their Islamic prayer for conversion,"
If you had chanted it, and then said you were a Christian they would have killed you . "Whoever changes his religion, kill him" which is called for in Bukhari, Abu Dawud, and many other Haddith that are not online, including Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, An-Nasai, the Muwatta of Imam Malik, Tayalisi, Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Hibban, the Sunan al-Kubraa, Bayhaqi, Abu Ya'laa, Humaidi, Abd al-Razzaq, and Ibn Abi Shaybah.
said Jae Chang-hee.


Anonymous said...

I've read the Koran and cannot find mention of the word found throughout the Bible -- L O V E

Don Singleton said...

Good point. I checked and the word is used but usually in reference to Allah, or it is used pejoratively. I could not even find it used when they talked about Jesus, and He certainly talked about it all the time.

Mark said...

Islam is not a religion. It is a cult. Those of us who are familiar with semantics realize the difference, but politicians are not allowed to suggest that Islam is a cult. The cultish nature derives from the sixth pillar of Islam's Koran, which tells us that infidels are second-class citizens and "can" be killed if they don't convert.