Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yeh Hum Naheen

Mike's America blogged For years now, we've asked "where are the moderate Muslims, why don't they speak out against terrorism?".... But voices of peace, freedom and hope cannot be silenced forever. Rays of light do occasionally flicker from dark and dangerous places such as Pakistan where radical Islamists are waging war against the government and the majority of Muslims who do not wish to live by the evil dictates of the extremists. Some of Pakistan's brightest artists got together and made the following music video which declares that the extremists are "not us." It's a way of showing the world that not all Muslims are terrorists and it rejects the extremism and violence that occupies our television sets all too frequently. See if you're not moved by the emotion in these young voices, singing in Pakistani Urdu with English subtitles:

I praise these brave Pakistanis.
Yeh Hum Naheen, This Is Not Us
Lyrics By Ali Moeen

This story that is being spread in our names is a lie
These stamps of death on our forehead are the signs of others
The name by which you know us - we are not that
The eyes with which you look at us - we are not that
This is not us - this is not us...

As with the coming of night one loses one's way
We are scared of the dark so much that we are burning our own home
What is this rising all around us...

The stories that are being spread in our names are lies
This is not us...
We have lost on the way the lesson of living together
we are now even scared of each other.

They are others whose faces are on your hands
Your hurts are a deep sea - our wounds are deep.

The stories that are being spread in our names are lies
Yeah Hum Nahi. Yeah Hum Nahi, Yeah Hum Nahi. Yeah Hum Nahi,
This is not us...

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