Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't offend muslims reported Delhi Minorities Commission chairperson Kamal Farooqui said the incident was condemnable, specially as three MLAs were involved in it. But, he said, the government should also ensure that Nasreen is not allowed to do or write anything which hurts the sentiments of Muslims.

Their sentiments sure seem to be easily hurt. Do you suppose they realize what a farce their faith really is? Is that why they kill anyone that leaves? Is that the only way to keep them?
'The government should immediately cancel her visa and make her go out of the country,' he said, adding, 'she should realize that this is not Bangladesh or Pakistan, but India where the sentiments of all communities are respected.'
Then why do you want to run her out of the country for offending Muslims. Do you think she would be better off offending them in Bangladesh or Pakistan?

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