Friday, August 17, 2007

Colored Underwear

Memritv has a clip (watch the clip) of Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid saying This is a nation of monotheism, and this is the Islam that Allah wants to spread throughout the world, and to rule the land it its entirety. Allah wants this. He sent down the Koran and the hadith for that purpose.
Then why did the Koran tell people to also read the Bible and Torah? (10:94 and 16:43?
... Humanity can have no happiness without Islam.
I believe that is no happiness WITH Islam.
Humanity can enjoy no goodness, unless the sun of monotheism, the Koran, and the Sunna shines upon it..... There are rules of shari'a in everything. We have counted almost 70 rules about how to urinate and defecate.
Are arabs so stupid they don't know how to do that?
In contrast, how do those beasts in the West answer the call of nature? They stand in front of other people, in toilets at airports and other public places. They do not care about covering their private parts. Even their underwear is colored and not white, so it can conceal all that filth.
Islam - keeping the world safe for white boxer shorts.
We are a nation that has long known the meaning of cleanliness, what to do when nature calls, and what the rules of hygiene are. The others, to this day, live like beasts. To this day, many of them are not circumcised, even though the World Health Organization has advised to circumcise people as a treatment for AIDS, because it has been scientifically proven that circumcised people are less susceptible to AIDS, and are less likely to spread it than uncircumcised people.
Maybe if Arabs were castrated as well as circumcised they would be more docile and less easily driven to anger at the most trivial insult.

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