Friday, July 27, 2007

What is hate

The Left Wing is really upset at Bill O'Reilly for putting pressure on Jet Blue to withdraw its support of the DailyKos convention. Crooks and Liars pontificates As O’Reilly smeared Kos and YKos yet again, Jane Hall told Bill that his own website had hate comments on it. BillO called her a liar and then they cut her mic off so he was sure to get the last word in…Jane was left talking at the end with no sound to be heard. That’s one class operation BillO has.

What is hate? Is it the fact that Bill Oreilly has some posts he put up criticizing Kos? That is certainly true, but the Left is acting like the Islamists to when someone criticizes Mohammad.

They are now making a big deal about what some commenters have said in the paid side of Bill's website. I can't read those comments, because I don't feel like spending the money to become a Premium Member, but I can imagine what they might say, since I have read some of the things that commenters have said on other conservative blogs.

A blog owner has several choices

  • Not allow any comments or trackbacks. Some blogs do this, but unless they are real famous, few will read them because bloggers like to be able to state how they feel.
  • Only allow trackbacks. Then the comments are on the commenter's blog, and all that goes on the bloggers blog is a link to it. You are still open to criticism that you are linking to garbage, but you are relatively safe.
  • You can allow comments, but make them moderated so someone reads them before they go public. That can let you drop the really bad ones, but some snide comments may get approved
  • Or you can allow open comments, but make it clear they thoughts expressed are those of the poster, and not the blogger.

The Left is very proud about the fact that DailyKos is much larger than any conservative blog. That is true, because conservative blogs have one or more bloggers working on the blog, and they have readers that can make comments. But Kos has "Diaries" in which a large number of people have their own blogs on his site, and each of those "diaries" has its own readers and commenters.

This philosophy of the Left to have a few big sites, like Daily Kos and Huffington Post, each having a tightly controlled subclass of bloggers beholden to the master site owner is similiar to their political philosophy, where the government should be the big provider to everyone. The Right, on the other hand, has the capitalist/entrepreneur philosophy of if you want a blog, start your own, and rather than a few large blog areas, it has a LOT more medium size blogs.

I am pretty sure that what Oreilly is talking about when he says there is hate speech on Daily Kos, is he is talking about the Diaries, not the contents of comments on those Diaries, and if Kos is going to allow diaries, he needs to monitor what they say, and if what they are saying is inconsistent with how he feels, then they should not be on his site.

I bet that if I signed up for a Diary on his site and praised the president, my Diary would not last long.

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