Sunday, July 22, 2007

Iran hangs murderer

Yahoo! News Iran has publicly hanged a convicted murderer in the western city of Khoramabad, and a drug trafficker in the southeastern town of Zabol, media reports said Saturday.... The hangings bring to at least 121 the number of executions carried out in the Islamic republic so far this year, most of them by hanging and often in public.

And they usually raise him (or her) up with a crane and let them choke to death, rather than dropping them in a gallows where the rope breaks their neck, causing instant death.
At least 177 people were executed in 2006, according to Amnesty International. Capital offences in Iran include murder, rape, armed robbery, apostasy, blasphemy, serious drug trafficking, repeated sodomy, adultery or prostitution, treason and espionage.
Sodomy, adultery or prostitution. The Dems better watch out, because those are some of their major supporters. Apostasy and blasphemy -- isn't that up to God?

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