Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Is there any hope for peace in the Mideast

Certainly not as long as the Arabs love killing Jews more than they love their own children. Just look at this from Palestinian TV where a character like Mickey Mouse teaches kids to hate and want to kill Jews and work for a worldwide Caliphate.

Esraa, a 12 year old, called in and sang a song saying we will surrender ourselves, and they interrupted her and said it was not a good song, because it has the word surrender. Does she not understand that Islam means surrender, to the will of Allah? They claim it is the will of Allah that Jews be killed, but does this mean that their Allah is so powerless that if He wants them dead, that He cannot see to it, without His followers having to blow themselves up? Maybe it is not really His will, and maybe their so-called leaders are just pretending that it is.

Pamela Geller Oshry blogged A Mickey Mouse-like character is making regular appearances on Hamas's al-Aqsa TV to teach Palestinian children that Islam will "dominate the world," the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization said in a press release. Sections of the video are available for viewing on PMW's website.

Betsy Newmark blogged Check out this story about what they show to small children on Hamas-controlled TV starring a Mickey Mouse-like creature who teaches little children the lessons that Hamas thinks are most important for them.

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