Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conservative Dems expected to vote with GOP

AMERICAblog whined It's time to replace some conservative Democrats in Washington, DC.
Not a problem. We have plenty of Republicans available.
I just heard from an impeccable source that there is serious concern on the Hill that conservative Democrats in the House will vote with the Republicans to strip any and all restrictions from the Iraq supplemental tomorrow, effectively giving Bush all the money he wants with no restrictions and no effort to hold either him or the Iraq government accountable for anything. I.e., they will vote to continue this war along the same disastrous course because they're too afraid to challenge George Bush and his failed leadership.
Or maybe they recognize that he is pursuing a different plan with the surge, just not the retreat the left wing of the Democratic party wants, and maybe they realize the danger that a pullout would present to Americans here.

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