Friday, May 25, 2007


Maan News Agency reported Israeli TV Channel Two broadcast an interview on Thursday with the Palestinian Prime Minister's advisor, Dr Ahmad Yousef, in which Yousef described the homemade projectiles launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel as "fireworks". The advisor said that these projectiles are not causing any damage or harm to Israel.
Then why are you firing those "fireworks" at Israel?
Only one Israeli has been killed, he said, while 63 Palestinians were killed in the last week alone.
News Flash: If you stop firing those "fireworks", maybe the Israelis will stop retaliating.
Yousef added that "Israel is using these projectiles in order to kill Palestinians. "Can the stick be compared with the sword?" he asked. "These projectiles are almost like fireworks; they are not killing. Only one Israeli woman has been killed, but the Israeli military machine killed 63 [Palestinians] last week." He added, "The president described them as useless."
Then stop using them.


Anonymous said...

LOL. ALl I could do was laugh at your childishness. ISRAEL RETALIATING?! puhleez... get a life. You need to see more clearly. Remove the coloured glasses.

Don Singleton said...

The palestinians fire rockets killing Jews and the Jews respond. What else would you call it besides retaliating? If someone fired rockets into your town would you just take it?