Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kilroy calls for 'backward' Islam to open mosques to women

Guardian Unlimited reported Robert Kilroy-Silk set himself on a collision course with sections of the Muslim community today when he claimed that most religious doctrine practised in the UK's mosques was "backward, tribal and from a medieval period".

Did he just discover that fact?
The controversial MEP and former talk-show host made the remarks in an interview with the BBC in which he called for legislation to allow Muslim women into UK mosques. He was speaking as it was claimed that a majority of mosques in the UK - around 60% - do not admit women at all.
I've got news for him, that is just one of the restrictions placed on females in Islam. At least in the UK they can drive a car. I think.
The East Midlands MEP called for women to be treated "equally, with dignity and respect" and said it was "totally unacceptable" that they were not allowed into all mosques.
if they are to be treated "equally, with dignity and respect", then they are to be treated in an UnIslamic Way, and in that case, why would they want to be allowed into a mosque?
.... He added: "I don't believe in religions. I think all religions are fairy tales, I think they are evil
Then why are you saying should be admitted to a mosque?
and I don't think Islam is one of the better ones,
You are certainly right there.
so I don't want anybody to be forced to go to a mosque. "What I do want is women to be treated equally, with dignity and respect. I don't want them to be subservient to Muslim men."
You will probably see pigs fly first, and possibly even into mosques.

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