Sunday, February 11, 2007

Clinton says she is stronger than other dems

The Fix reported At the second house-party gathering of her second day of campaigning in this key primary state, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) insisted that she is the best candidate to win the White House back for her party in 2008.

So New Hampshire people should stop asking her questions, and making her do these stupid house warming parties and just elect her.
And, what's more, she said Republicans know it. Sen. Clinton talks during a gathering at the home of Mike and Debora Pignatelli in Nashua, N.H. The candidate told attendees that she is the best candidate to win back the White House next year.
So ignore the polls.
"I know what [former House Speaker Newt] Gingrich [R-Ga.] tells people privately, I know what [former House Majority Leader Tom] Delay [R-Texas] tells people privately, I know what Karl Rove tells people privately," she said. "I'm the one person they are most afraid of. Bill and I have beaten them before and we will again."
None od them are currently in office, and she and Bill both have a loy of baggage they did not have when Clinton was elected, and it is Bill Clinton with the charisma.
The remark drew loud cheers from the assembled crowd here at the home of Debora and Mike Pignatelli this afternoon. And it led to a rare discussion by Clinton of how her campaign would differ from those of the last two Democratic nominees.

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