Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Democrats Embrace Faith

NYT reported As Democrats turn toward the 2008 presidential race, a novice evangelical political operative is emerging as a rising star in the party, drawing both applause and alarm for her courtship of theological conservatives in the midterm elections.

Dems know they need the religious vote, but the Secular Humanists in control of the party shutter at the thought of embracing faith. They wonder, is it possible to fool the faithful, like they have fooled the blacks. pretending they are really looking out for their interests, when in reality they dont care a whit about them.
Party strategists and nonpartisan pollsters credit the operative, Mara Vanderslice, and her 2-year-old consulting firm, Common Good Strategies, with helping a handful of Democratic candidates make deep inroads among white evangelical and churchgoing Roman Catholic voters in Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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