Sunday, November 19, 2006

Muslim Mac attack

Herald Sun reported McDonald's latest bid to attract more customers -- Muslim fast-food lovers -- has caused uproar among customers. The fast-food chain has introduced halal products at two Melbourne restaurants, significantly boosting sales. However some non-Muslim customers are furious they were not told their hamburger meat was slaughtered and blessed in accordance with Islamic rules laid down in the Koran.

They should offer both versions, and put the halal versions in a Kids Meal with a little plastic Jihadi Sword.
McDonald's consulted Muslim leaders before introducing halal products at its Brunswick East and St Albans stores. Halal meat is from animals that have been killed facing Mecca and blessed using the name of Allah.
Do they then behead the cow?
Brunswick East store assistant manager Nicholas Yacoub said the move had attracted a surge of new customers. "It has pretty much doubled our sales," Mr Yacoub said. The store does not tell drive-through customers about the change and has only one small sign inside advertising the move. Coburg resident Miriam McLennan was stunned to discover the hamburger she bought from the Brunswick East store was blessed. "Just as a Muslim would not want to eat anything that isn't halal . . . I should have my rights to eat normal, ordinary food that hasn't been blessed," she said.
And you should not have to wear a nijab either.
A Catholic Church spokesman said non-Muslims deserved to know if the food was halal before buying. But he said there was no biblical reason for Christians to avoid halal food.
Really? Killing the animal in the name of Allah?
A McDonald's spokeswoman said customers who did not want halal food should buy from any of its other stores.
It might be safer to just go to Burger King.

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