Monday, November 13, 2006

Democrats: Identify pork sponsors

USAToday reported Democrats aim to open the next Congress in January with a new rule that identifies lawmakers who use legislative "earmarks" to help special interests — a change Republicans promised but didn't implement.

I support that, but I hope she eliminate all earmarks, and not just Republican ones.
House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said her first agenda item after being elected House speaker will be a vote to require sponsors of earmarks to be identified. Currently, lawmakers can remain anonymous in sponsoring an earmark, which is language in a bill that directs funds or tax benefits to a business, project or institution. "There has to be transparency," the California congresswoman told USA TODAY last week. "I'd just as soon do away with all (earmarks), but that probably isn't realistic."
Why not. Are you afraid supporters of pork will oppose you.
Pelosi said some earmarks "are worthy," and they can be a legitimate way for Congress to force fiscal priorities on the White House.
I doubt you would say that if you had a Democratic President.

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Marie's Two Cents said...

Tom Coburn Of Oklahoma, tried to get a measure through congress tracking where all the tax payer money is going. I cant remember if it passed or not and that is one of my Senator's lol.

I think it did pass at least one house though.

I sure hope the Republicans can get as much done as possible before the Liberal Lunatics take charge and hold this Country up with Impeachment hearings that they will never hold any water.