Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I agree with Greta

Greta Perry expresses her feelings about the Amish killings. Hooah Wife and friends blogged As I am sure you have been disturbed by this recent news story, it truly has bothered me so much words can’t describe. As I watched my daughter go into the school yesterday, waving, I felt a sense of unease. She has a fabulous, and what I would consider, very safe school. But, so did the Amish children, they didn’t have a chance at all. It is more disturbing than any of the other school killings because the Amish are a gentle people. The killer knew they would not have weapons or fight back as they would not be sure how to deal with a situation of this caliber. He calculated the odds of fulfilling his dream. It gives you a sense of the unbalance in the world and the need to put every pedophile away for good on a deserted island.

They might get off the desert island. How about dropping them into the center of an active volcano.
feel terribly for his wife and small children as well - just awful.
I bet they are looking to change their name.
As we are tragedy junkies in this world, there is some other sicko right now plotting something similar. And persoanlly that scares the hell out of me. The world is imperfect, no question about it. All we can do is enjoy our lives and know we have a limited time on this earth. Forgive? In this case, the Amish are much more capable of handling this than the average person - and thank G-d for that!


barfly said...

Congrats on your wise decision to go AWOL from the "fighting keyboardists," now that Foley has been exposed, it would have been a little hard to explain the fact that the keyboardists logo is a chickenhawk.

Don Singleton said...

I am not sure what you are talking about. What Foley did is wrong, and I am happy he resigned, but it is unrelated to what happened at the Amish school in Pennsylvania, which was much more wrong, and I don't see how either relate to the "fighting keyboardists".