Friday, September 29, 2006

Many Rights in U.S. Legal System Absent in New Bill

R. Jeffrey Smith wrote in WaPo The military trials bill approved by Congress lends legislative support for the first time to broad rules for the detention, interrogation, prosecution and trials of terrorism suspects far different from those in the familiar American criminal justice system.

Wonderful. When are the Democrats going to learn that this is a war, not a court of law. We are fighting people who are willing to blow themselves up to kill a few people, or fly airplanes into buildings to kill many more, and who will chop people heads off just to get on television.

The rules of engagement when a swat team surround a suspect in the United States are not the same as the rules of engagement when the military surround a terrorist in Iraq or Afganistan, and the terrorists is not entitled to be read the Miranda warning.

God help this country if the brain damaged Democrats ever get back in control.

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