Sunday, June 18, 2006

Where is the Outraged Muslim Mob?

A blood stained and partially burnt Koran lies on the floor of the Shi'ite Buratha mosque after a suicide bombing attack
Tammy Bruce blogged Here is a burned and bloody Koran. And yet, no hysterical, murderous Muslim riots over the "offense" and "insult" to Islam. Funny enough, this outrage did not come from Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. And no, it's not the latest result of a supposed Marine-Gone-Wild, or Islamophobic Americans destroying the "holy book" of Islam. In fact, with all we have faced since September 11, through the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq, there has never been one single case of American soldiers destroying a Koran.

Instead, this Koran was defiled by Muslims during an act of Muslim cold-blooded murder.
And cold-blooded murder, of Muslims on other Muslims, seems to be a regular occurrence.
The Great Satan America has gone out of its way to be respectful of Islam (for increasingly inexplicable reasons. Note the handling the bodies of the Gitmo terrorist suicides with the "utmost respect."), but Muslims haven't been. Quite regularly, with today bringing the latest instance of a mosque bombing, offending, insulting, and murdering Muslims is an exclusively Muslim business.
There does not seem to be any reluctance to insulting the Christian faith or the Jewish faith, but everyone seems worried about offending Muslims, even though they don't even respect their own faith.
We've known for quite some time about the Islamic tactic to consume nations from the inside. The use of rumor and claims of being offended and insulted is indeed a clever way to capitalize on the civilized world's capitulation to the Left's political correctness and multiculturalism. The West's social abdication to the left for the past few decades has become the equivalent of leaving our cultural front door unlocked after taking a sleeping pill, allowing savages to do as they please.
That is because the only response is to confront violence with greater violence, and the Left is incapable of understanding that.
The nations that bend over backward (or forward as one could argue) appeasing Islamist complainers, should stop worrying right now. Until the world sees some equal riotous outrage over the reality of the destroyed Koran from the shoe-bombed mosque as we did with Newsweek's fake Koran-in-a-toilet story or the absurd Muhammad cartoon jihad, any Muslim who expresses offense or insult about anything is a hypocrite and should be summarily laughed out of the room.
That is a very good point.
For Muslims have been, are now and remain the most severe and continual offenders of Islam worldwide.

USS Neverdock blogged Remember how the Muslim world erupted in riots and killings over the bogus Newsweek story alleging US troops desecrated a Koran? Where's the outrage and riots over Muslims buring the Koran? What's the difference here? We're infidels.


Fool said...

Here's an interesting case study.

Can you imagine this school in Palatine, Illinois closing down an art exhibit because it might be "offensive" to Jews or Christians?

So what's the difference? There is little likelihood that a Jewish or Christian threat to kill you would result from showing an "offensive" art exhibit, that's what.

Don Singleton said...