Saturday, April 29, 2006

Who Blew the Big Blow

Big Lizards blogged The easiest way to present the charges of incompetence, bureaucratic entanglement, and screw-ups from the Senate Homeland Security Committee's report on Hurricane Katrina is to post a couple of charts. Each of these charts was taken from the 20-page Executive Summary of the committee's report; I have included the page number of each "attaboy" or accusation entered on these charts, for those obsessive enough to double-check me.... Particularly noteworthy is the comparison of the "net evaluation" of each of the three branches of government;

And isn't it interesting how this analysis differs from what the MSM said.
I define this as the number of accusations of failure combined with the number of accolades for success for a net failure or success score. Here are the figures:
  • City of New Orleans: 12 failures + 1 success = 11 net failures;
  • States of Louisiana and Mississippi: 11 failures + 2 successes = 9 net failures;
  • Federal agencies: 10 failures + 6 successes = 4 net failures;
  • White House: 1 failure + 2 successes = 1 net success.

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