Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nagin on Dayside

Musing Minds blogged Mayor Ray Nagin was on the phone with Dayside today. Present in the studio were Montel Williams, Juliette Huddy and Steve Doocy....

Williams: Mr. Mayor, it's Montel here. You know we know each other and I gotta make this comment, there's a lot of anger based on what you said yesterday, but let's stop for a second and remember that Hillary Rodham Clinton, the day before, called the entire Republican party a plantation. Okay? So, what we've now proven is that politicians sometimes shoot from the hip. I'll bet you Mayor Nagin would like to take some of those comments back and re-do them and say them exactly like he said them here.

Huddy: What did you say Mayor?

Nagin: Especially the God comment. If I could take anything back, that's what I would take back.

Pat Robertson would like to take back about what he said about God causing Sharon's stroke because he gave back Gaza. The reason is it cost him a $50 Million Christian Theme Park. What did your God comment cost you.
Doocy: So the comment that you made where you said that God was mad at the United States for invading Iraq, you would like a do-over on that?

Nagin: I would like to take those back because that was a private conversation that I had with a minister a few weeks ago and for some reason at the moment that came forth.
So your desire for a Do-Over is not because you regret what you said, but because it reminded you of a private conversation you had with a minister.

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