Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fox envy

Tim Goodman wrote in San Francisco Chronicle These must be great days to work at Fox News. Not only does the 24-hour cable channel beat rival CNN like a sick, sad mule, but Roger Ailes is so deep in the heads of CNN's managers that every time they stumble over themselves in chaos -- which is often -- the chairman of Fox News looks like some kind of psyops genius.

Maybe he is. With ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and PBS leaning so far to the left, he figured that a Fair and Balanced Network might sell, and it did.
If Ailes -- boo! -- isn't haunting the halls of CNN and driving CNN President Jonathan Klein batty with paranoia, then how else to explain Klein's relentlessly nonsensical decisions, which are driving CNN into the ground?
They are liberals.
... There's a sadness here. And it has nothing to do with CNN's inability to "counter" Fox News with a respectable progressive slate of contributors. CNN used to be a reliable source for national and international news.
Only if you just wanted a one sided, liberal, perspective on the news.
Now it mostly chases storms and tragedy -- and Fox.

For a long time now there has been this perception that Republicans watch Fox News
If that was true, Fox and CNN would be about equal in the ratings battle. But Fox wipes the floor with CNN. Independent and even Democratic viewers watch Fox because it truly is Fair and Balanced. They know they will see the conservative side, which the others dont show, but they will see both sides of each issue, and be able to decide for themselves. Fox Reports, You Decide.
, Democrats watch CNN, and MSNBC picks up the undecideds. But that's simplistic. Though we may be heading, as a country, into an era where "news" channels will be defined by their ideology, godspeed to anyone left of center who can figure out what CNN wants to be.
A network not facing bankrupcy.

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