Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wounded Chirac

Times Online reported Wounded Chirac ‘losing grip’ of riot-hit France

How could he lose his grip; that would imply he once had a grip on things.
Franceyesterday ordered a ban on public meetings likely to provoke disturbances as thousands of police were deployed on the streets of Paris to stop youths turning the tourist centre into a battlefield. The initiative came as speculation mounted over a severely discredited Jacques Chirac’s ability to endure the last 17 months of his presidential term.
He will not resign, but he is clearly in over his head
Ringleaders of the riots that have shaken France for the past two weeks were suspected of planning to set ablaze the affluent Champs Elysées. Through text and internet messages they were encouraging followers armed with Molotov cocktails to converge on the tree-lined tourist haunt just a stone’s throw from Chirac’s palace.

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