Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jordanians turn against al-Qa'eda leader over bombings

Telegraph reports Sympathy for al-Qa'eda's leader in Iraq turned to hatred in his home town yesterday as clan members and ex-neighbours dismissed the justification for the Amman bombings.

And this is surprising?
The terrorist who chose his nom de guerre, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, to honour his birthplace, used to enjoy wide support on these tatty, rundown streets because of his rabid anti-Israeli rhetoric. The backing continued when he took up the fight against American troops in Iraq and did not waiver when his followers began beheading kidnapped aid workers and contractors. But Wednesday's hotel attacks that killed 57 innocent people, mostly Jordanian civilians and all Muslims, appeared to have quickly transformed him from hero to villain.
I suspect they fear other Jordanians will turn against them.
"I feel ashamed of what he did in the name of Islam," said Moussa Rashid Khalayleh, a senior member of Zarqawi's Khalayleh clan.

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