Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Draft Constitution Adopted by Iraq Voters

AP reported Iraq's constitution was adopted by a majority in a fair vote during the country's Oct. 15 referendum

Congratulations to the Iraqi people, and good luck in your December elections

Matt blogged The results:

The vote on the constitution was 78.59 percent in favor of ratification and 21.41 percent against, the commission said. The charter required a simple majority nationwide with the provision that if two-thirds of the voters in any three provinces rejected it, the constitution would be defeated.
The Associated Press, however, couldn't just report the good news... the story seems to be more about continued violence in Iraq and Sunni opposition to the referendum...

CQ blogged More Iraqis voted in this second election since the fall of Saddam than did so in the first, and thanks to the controversial nature of the election, the electorate was more diverse -- and yet almost 80% of Iraqis approved the final version of their new constitution. In the end, only three provinces rejected it, with only two of them reaching the required two-thirds vote for official repudiation. And in the end, an armed insurgency ended up watching helplessly as millions of Iraqis repudiated them and marched bravely to the polling stations to take ownership of their own government. That is the largest victory of all, and the kind that will win the war on terror in the long run.

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