Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why no Tea Parties under Bush reported SANCHEZ: Why didn't we see these during the Bush administration, who, by the way, has been accused, by the right and the left, of being a bit of a spendthrift himself?
It is a function of degrees. The past several presidents, from both parties, have seemed to try to outspend the previous guy, but none have done it as obscenely as Obama.

PHILLIPS: Well, let me tell you, in 2006, I was in these very studios as part of Americans for Prosperity's Ending Earmark Express. We went to the site of the 50 most outrageous earmarks in the country.
This is a lot more than just some obscene earmarks.
We went to more Republican districts than Democrat districts.
Because Republicans were in control, prior to 2006.
And it's similar, because it's overspending and wasteful spending.

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