Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why won’t Obama put the economy first?

George F. Will wrote Quicker than you can say "toxic assets," which TARP was supposedly designed to quarantine, TARP was subsidizing the manufacture of automobiles partially designed by Washington. Which recent government adventure in enterprise justifies such government confidence?
None, which is why they should not be running anything. But Obama and George Soros and a conspiracy of Asian and European currency traders want to end American supremacy and change us into a Socialist Country, and they are succeeding.
Fannie Mae? Freddie Mac? Amtrak? Ethanol? The government has subsidized ethanol, protected it with tariffs, mandated levels of production and authorized 10 percent ethanol in gasoline blends, and now the shrinking ethanol industry wants government to authorize 15 percent.... Mature political leaders know that to govern is to choose -- to choose what to do and thereby to choose what cannot be done. The administration insists that it really does have a single priority: Everything depends on fixing the economy.
But he does not want the economy fixed. That is why he and George Soros broke it. The problems in the economy are what are letting him pass things that are going to turn us into a socialist country, and that is his objective.
But it also says that everything depends on everything: Economic revival requires enactment of the entire liberal wish list of recent decades.
They have already stolen enough of our grandchildren's inheritance and put it in liberal special interest groups, where it will come back in campaign donations to keep the Democrats in perpetual power.
... Growth supposedly will cut the deficit in half -- growth and the $1.6 trillion "saved" by first assuming, and then "canceling," a 10-year continuation of the surge in Iraq. Why, one wonders, not "save" $5 trillion by proposing to spend that amount to cover the moon with yogurt and then canceling the proposal?
That is as good as what he is doing, but I don't think te press would be stupid enough to buy that idea.

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