Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pelosi lays down the law with Rahm

Politico.com reported In talks with Emanuel and others, sources say, Pelosi has “set parameters” for what she wants from Barack Obama and his White House staff — no surprises, and no backdoor efforts to go around her and other Democratic leaders by cutting deals with moderate New Democrats or conservative Blue Dogs.
I wonder how the moderate New Democrats and conservative Blue Dogs feel about knowing the radical left will not allow them to try to cut any deals. Maybe they should find someone else to be speaker.
Specifically, Pelosi has told Emanuel that she wants to know when representatives of the incoming administration have any contact with her rank-and-file Democrats — and why, sources say.
The why is they have a right to represent the people that elected them.
... Pelosi “is not going to allow Obama to triangulate her,”
Like Clinton did.
said a Democratic source close to the leadership. “It’s not going to happen to her.”

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