Monday, August 18, 2008

Take this quiz

Pamrla Geller suggests Take this quiz and then send it to all the Black democrats you know.

This is a very good point. Why are Blacks so foolishly tied to the party that tries to hur them, and keep them from getting ahead?


Bill said...

Hey that's pretty good, Don. But it needs some examples newer than 50 years ago.

How about this: what party has been in the White House for the last 8 years, and are you personally getting better off or worse off during that time?

F. G. Onions for the right said...

My sheep herd has doubled, my Llama herd has doubled, my aches and pains have doubled.
I do not remember a year that life has not gotten better even under Jimmy Carter.

Anonymous said...

It you ask me, whoever is in office, it's the same old thing. A bunch of crap. Nothing gets done and all the promises go down the drain.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last message....ANON

Anonymous said...

Aren't they all the same in the end?....ANON

PS promises promises