Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Yorker Insulted Muslim Americans reported Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday that the New Yorker magazine's satirical cover depicting him and his wife as flag-burning, fist-bumping radicals doesn't bother him but that it was an insult to Muslim Americans.

Why is it an insult to them? Do they not fist bump.
"You know, there are wonderful Muslim Americans all across the country who are doing wonderful things," the presidential candidate told CNN's Larry King. "And for this to be used as sort of an insult, or to raise suspicions about me,
I nderstand why you my find it insulting but why should they?
I think is unfortunate. And it's not what America's all about." Obama blamed himself for not being forceful enough in challenging some of the rumors about him, including that he is Muslim. Obama is Christian.
True. He was born with a Muslim father, which made him a Muslim but he renounced Islam and "became" a Christian (if that radical church in Chicago can be called a Christian church, so he is an apostate, as far as Muslims are concerned.

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Anonymous said...

This is just another excuse for bad journalism. It is suppose to be funny or maybe just hurtful. I don't think Obama gave it a blink.
He is a good speaker and let it blow off his shoulders. However, this is a typical news media thingy!.....ANON