Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Father Killed Daughter to Honor Family

MyFox Atlanta reported A Clayton County man was behind bars Sunday, accused of killing his own daughter. Police said the father was angry because he felt his daughter was disgracing the family.
And so the father kills his daughter. Does that not dishonor the family more than a divorce would.
Investigators said 54-year-old Chaudhry Rashad was so outraged at his daughter, Sandela Kanwal, and her plans for divorce that he killed her after a heated argument at the family's home. Investigators said Rashad confessed to strangling the 25-year-old woman.
Rather than an honor killing we should refer to it as a dishonor killing.
As Robert Spencer indicated: CNN tries to blame it on domestic violence "My immediate reaction was that this is an anomaly in the South Asian community," Ajay Nair, associate dean of multicultural affairs at Columbia University, told CNN on Tuesday. "Most South Asian-American families enjoy wonderful relationships within their families."
Except when the women don't go along with arranged marriages
"I think there's ways that we can rationalize it and make sense of it, particularly in thinking about new immigrant communities in the U.S. and thinking about some of the struggles that they face and the generation gap and the cultural differences that children do face," he said. "I think there are some issues there, but by and large, this isn't a rampant problem within South Asian communities. What is a problem, I think, is domestic violence, and that cuts across all communities."
What other communities have arranged marriages, and kill women who will not go along with them?

Cjicago Tribune talks about The problem of "honor killings" and other domestic violence after failed arranged marriages is spreading as some culturally rigid Pakistani and Indian immigrants settle in different parts of the country, said Najma Adam, a sociology professor at Governors State University in suburban Chicago who co-wrote a 2007 study on the issue.
Are these immigrants usually Christian? Jewish? Buddists? Hindus? Or perhaps Muslims?
Such cultural unions serve as social contracts among South Asians and other communities, where a marriage agreement is more about families joining forces than about two people finding love—akin to the arranged marriages of European royalty, she said.
Name some times when arranged marriages of European royalty resulted in the woman being killed because she wanted a divorce.
When the marriage breaks down, both families are dishonored—especially the bride's, she said.
No, the dishonor comes when the bride is killed.
Subsequently, "family members, parents, are the ones who end up either taking their life or further abusing them," Adam said. In arranged marriages, "even if [the husband] is beating her and very abusive toward her, because of the very strong patriarchal underpinnings, she is the one who has committed the crime by leaving him or by wanting out of this relationship," Adam said.
Is that because the rights of a woman are 1/2 that of a man? Qur'an 2:282 says ... Let his guardian dictate faithfully, and get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as ye choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her.

On Beck, Zuhdi Jasser dismissed it as a "pre-Islamic" practice.
Well, this is -- you know, you`re trying to understand the pathology of a Neanderthal that basically comes out of the mountains of Pakistan and has a pre-Islamic mentality of -- where the sexuality of his family and the purity of his daughter is much more important to him than actually murdering her and her life. And this is -- actually, it has nothing to do with Islam. This is a tribal, medieval mentality that is seen in tribes in Pakistan and India, and often is not even seen in Islamic communities. It`s basically part of the ignorance of the tribal community.
then why did Jordan's Parliament reject on Islamic grounds attempts to stiffen sentences for honor killings.


Anonymous said...

Oh God, I saw this on the news yesterday. A father killing his daughter because of an "honor" to his family. It makes me sick, and it takes women back to the old days about a million years. The father should get the death sentence. Isn't he suppose to protect his daughter? I don't believe in the old ways, BECAUSE THAT WAY WAS PRETTY SICK!!! Hey, give your daughter some advice, DON'T KILL HER!!!!! UGG!!!!! ANON

Anonymous said...

Honor ... wat honor??? Fathers are supposed to protect their daughters ... these indian men are so egotistical that they don't realize that they are the ONES that dishonor the family by killing someone ... if a daughter can't trust her father then who can she trust ... Indian men deserve to punished to the fullest extent of the law for abusing or killing women ... these men think they know their culture ... these f*^% idiots are a disgrace to our indian community ... heard of "live and let live" ...