Saturday, July 05, 2008

Barack Obama's policy switches are giving the Left whiplash

Times Online reported Change, it turns out, wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.
Just words.
Having campaigned for the past year as the agent of transformation, the man who would lead an historic shift in America's political direction, Barack Obama is discovering that there is quite a lot he likes about the way things are.
The only change he wants is t live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Since securing the Democratic nomination a few weeks ago, the only change coming from the Illinois senator has been in what he seems to stand for.
That's politics.
... If next week he named Dick Cheney as his running-mate and revealed that he spends his spare time drilling for oil in wildlife habitats, the only surprise would be that it took him so long.
That was supposed to be a secret until after the Convention in August.
... A whimper of pain has gone up from the base. Those who really believed in the Audacity of Hope now fear a Timidity of Despair. Thousands of Obama supporters have signed a petition on his website begging him to reconsider his position on the illegal wiretaps - a seemingly minor campaign issue, but one that carries great talismanic symbolism for civil libertarians.
The real question is after all of these flip flops will they continue donating on the internet at the same levels he is used to.

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Anonymous said...

Don, why is Dick Chaney in this conversational blog??? The man is over. It seems like some vice presidents have more to hide than the presidents....oh yeah - except perhaps for Al Gore, who actually did something useful or at least it seems that way....ANON

PS - Greening the planet is a great idea, but is it possible. I say highly unlikely, except that people around my way are not driving as much anymore or they are buying smaller cars, aka, less pollution. I even saw a couple of bike riders the other day - but that's do to the energy crunch, not greening of the planet.