Wednesday, May 07, 2008

June 15

Lawrence O'Donnell wrote The Huffington Post A senior campaign official and Clinton confidante has told me that there will be a Democratic nominee by June 15.
I am sure you will. The question is whether it will be the same person selected in August at the Convention. The press has been poshung very hard for Clinton to drop out so Obama can have the nomination, but she just does not know how to quit. She may pretend to suspend her campaign (not stop it), but her stooges will keep throwing mud at Obama hoping something will stick, and she will launch a floor fight at the convention, just like Kennedy did against Carter, and she will have a lot more elected delegates than he had, and just because the super delegates go for Obama by June 15 does not mean they can't change their minds in August.
He could not bring himself to say the words "Hillary will drop out by June 15," but that is clearly what he meant. I kept saying, "So, Hillary will drop out by June 15," and he kept saying, "We will have a nominee by June 15."
So that is obviously what he meant.
He stressed what a reasonable person Hillary is.

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