Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama blows his nose

John McCormick wrote in Baltimore Sun It's probably safe to say that you have arrived as a politician when your audience applauds when you blow your nose.

Maybe they were just happy that he finally did something.
Yes, just a day before a debate in Texas, Sen. Barack Obama has a head cold. And about a half-hour into a speech here, the Illinois Democrat announced that he had to take a quick break. "Gotta blow my nose here for a second," Obama said. Out came a Kleenex (or perhaps it was a hankie), and he wiped his nose. The near-capacity audience at the Reunion Arena, which his campaign said totaled 17,000, broke out in a slightly awkward applause.

Ann Althouse blogged Barack Obama blows his nose. And gets applause. And gets a news story about how he blew his nose and got applause. And 1,000 blog posts that link to it. Have we reached peak adulation yet?.... And don't you think — speaking of bodily fluids — that Hillary is salivating over the prospect of a weakened opponent at the debate tonight? Fate has to cut her a break occasionally, you know.

Betsy Newmark blogged I fear to ask what they'll applaud next.

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