Thursday, January 10, 2008

The iTaser

What do you get when you combine a Taser stun gun with an mp3 player? Go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and take a look at iTaser.

Ananova reported The company says the new device is particularly aimed at women - with red, pink and even leopard print designs intended to make carrying a stun gun fashionable. A spokesman in Las Vegas said the inclusion of a music player would encourage purchases by women who want a form of self defence while out jogging, but who would otherwise take an iPod instead of a weapon. "A lot of women aren't going to go into a gun store and feel comfortable enough buying a Taser, so now we have some outdoor companies and dealers - some cellphone places are starting to carry them and hang them next to phones," he said.
Do they rate the battery life on how loud you play the songs, or how many people you zap?

In development: an Uzi with a satellite radio.

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