Monday, December 17, 2007

Al-Qaeda's No. 2 wants to hear from you

The Australian reported Al-Qaeda sympathisers have been asked to send in their questions for the terror network's second in command, which he will then answer in an online interview next month.
Can we monitor the Q&A and trace both ends?
The plan was announced in a new video posted on the internet in which al-Qaeda's No.2, Ayman al-Zawahri, mocked today's British handover of security in southern Iraq to local forces as a sign that insurgents are gaining the upper hand.
Despite the fact that Al Qaeda is not within 100 miles, and the militias there are fighting each other, and both hate Al Qaeda
The video, carried by Islamic websites, was issued as Britain handed over security to Iraqi forces in the last of four provinces it once patrolled, effectively marking the end of nearly five years of British control of southern Iraq. The websites invited readers to send in questions during the next month for Zawahri to answer in an "open interview".

Weasel Zippers wants to ask I'll start things off, "do you think of Osama when making love to a goat?"....

My question is where are you and Osama hiding. We have a present to send you. A nice new cruise missle.

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