Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Souter mulled resignation

Ok City Examiner reported According to Jeffrey Toobin’s new book on the Supreme Court, Justice David Souter nearly resigned in the wake of Bush v. Gore, so distraught was he over the decision that effectively ended the Florida recount and installed George W. Bush as president.
There is still time for him to do the right thing. Resign, and take some of the other libs with you.
In “The Nine,” which goes on sale Sept. 18, Toobin writes that while the other justices tried to put the case behind them, “David Souter alone was shattered,” at times weeping when he thought of the case. “For many months, it was not at all clear whether he would remain as a justice,” Toobin continues. “That the Court met in a city he loathed
We all loathe Washington
made the decision even harder. At the urging of a handful of close friends, he decided to stay on, but his attitude toward the Court was never the same.”

Liberty Pundit blogged So he, like virtually every other liberal in the nation, went off the deep end when Gore lost. Nice to know we have such stable, nonpartisan people up there on the bench who actually let the laws and the Constitution make their decisions for them, and not some political agenda, isn’t it?

Democrat Soldier commented I’m sure that, with a Pres. Gore, there would be 3000 more Americans alive today as well as 14 highly frustrated terrorists. A Pres. Gore would have listened to the “bin Laden to attack in the US” report, rather than ignoring it like Pres. Bush did.
Or President Clinton / VP Gore did.
kelso commented To this day I can’t understand what gave the court the authority to install our current president. There was no precedent.
Should the Florida Supreme Court have done it?
It’s a disturbing low point in America’s political history.

Ringo commented Yes, and don’t forget that The Great and Powerful Gore would have already cured AIDS, cancer and halitosis…not to mention ending poverty and saving the planet from Global Climate Change. If Gore had become President instead of ChimpskyMcHaliburton, there world peace, two three-day weekends per month and all food products would be 100% organic. And everyone would love us, just like they did when Bill Clinton was President.
Dream on
How did it all go so wrong?

Ret. Col. Jack Ripper blogged Bilbo: “If not stoped….at some point Democrats would be still be RE-COUNTING votes in Florida FOR THE 1459 th time OR until they could have perpetrated a AL Goreilla win.”
Good point
Bullshite. The media consortium report clearly stated that if the entire state had been recounted, Gore would have won under ANY counting standard. The state-wide count would have been complete in just one more week at the time that the Supreme Court ordered a halt to the counting.
Not according to what I read. Gore would have won only under conditions that he had not asked for in the recount.

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