Sunday, July 15, 2007

An angry Dennis Kucinich

Yahoo! News reported An angry Dennis Kucinich
Is there any other kind?
lashed out at John Edwards on Friday, saying his Democratic rival showed "a consistent lack of integrity" by suggesting fewer candidates should participate in presidential forums and then trying to explain his remark to reporters.
Edwards is a trial lawyer. When did they ever show a consistent presence of integrity?
"This is a serious matter and I'm calling him on it," Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, said in a telephone interview Friday. "Whispering, trying to rig an election,
What election was he trying to rig, and for whom? He does not stand any better chance of being elected than you do.
then denying what's going on and making excuses. It all reflects a consistent lack of integrity."
But consistent for politicians and lawyers, and he is both.
James Joyner blogged And, while I fully agree with the sentiments expressed by Edwards and Clinton in their private exchange, they’re not covering themselves with glory in their disingenuous attempts to deny they meant it.


Roy Lofquist said...

Come on. That's what warm-up acts do. They stink up the stage so much that the real clowns look half-way decent.

Dennis Kucinich for President 2008 Blog said...

What kind of crap article is this? Dennis Kucinich is not usually an angry person. Especially towards his fellow running mates. Edwards and Clinton crossed the line this time and needed to be put back in line. What they did should and hopefully will hurt their campaigns. Dennis felt completely betrayed by Edwards since he personally helped him during the last election. I'd be pretty upset if I was Dennis. Dennis has more integrity than the whole group of Democratic Presidential Candidates combined. He truely represents the people. Please support his campaign with a donation today. Http://

Don Singleton said...

He truely represents the people

Then the people are doomed.