Thursday, June 28, 2007


PakTribune reported Punjab Chief Minister, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has said that Benazir Bhutto is also guilty like blasphemer Salman Rushdie.
Did she write a book? Was she knighted by the Queen? Oh well, let's just kill her anyway.
... He said that Benazir, who remained Prime Minister of Pakistan twice,
Aha. The real reason. We want to make sure she does not become Prime Minister a third time.
has forgotten the name of Islam
Isn't is Islam???
while living abroad and is disturbed for support of blasphemer Salman Rushdi.

He said that those who are supporting blasphemer Salman Rushdi are not only enemy of Pakistan and its masses but are also enemy of Islam and Muslim Ummah. He said that the people cannot tolerate blasphemer Salman Rushdi and his supporters. He said that the people will never support such party which is against our country, religion and people.
Muslims must have a very weak faith if it can be threatened by one book, or a few cartoons, or a quote fro a 14th century person.
He said that the future of democracy is safe in the country and the forthcoming elections would be transparent and fair.
As long as we kill all of those blasphemers.

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