Friday, May 04, 2007

Not embracing 'authentic Islam'

reported The Times of India An Islamist group in Pakistan has forced a Sikh, who had converted to Islam 29 years ago, to leave his village in Peshawar's Tirah Valley after his house was set on fire and his son kidnapped for not embracing "authentic Islam". Leaders of Ansar-ul-Islam (AI), a religious group in North West Frontier Province's Khyber Agency, was accused of expelling the Tirah-based Sikh for converting to the "Lashkar-e-Islam’s untrue version of Islam".
Isn't it up to God (Allah) to determine how authentic the Islam is?
"Qazi Mehboob and Said Akbar came to me and said my first Islam is not genuine. They said it was tableeghi Islam," said Din Muhammad, who had converted to Islam 29 years ago. The Ansar-ul-Islam leaders also forced his family to leave their native village Landakas in Tirah Valley when he refused to accept their demand to revert to Sikhism
Usually Muslims want to kill a Muslim that leaves Islam, but here they want to force him to leave a version of Islam they disagree with, and return to being a Sikh. Why not let him believe what he wants, without fear of violence either way.
or embrace the "authentic Islam" that the Ansar-ul-Islam was practising.

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