Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell

It is interesting how memeorandum works. This item was titled "Falwell reportedly found unconscious, hospitalized ", but when you go to the actual article, you see it is now titled " Falwell dies at age 73".This item was titled "Falwell in 'gravely serious' condition", but when you go to the actual article, you see it is now titled "Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell dies". The nutroots were overjoyed. Lane Hudson on Huffington Post opined
He was a hateful person who did not serve to inspire the better nature of America. Instead, he used religion to propagate hate and discrimination for as long we anyone can remember. Forgive me if I don't cry.
and DownWithTyranny was even less kind
If Charon can ferry his bloated carcass across the Styx, I'm sure there'll be a huge party in Hell tonight to welcome one of Satan's most effective servants on earth. Jerry Falwell was found dead in his office after a gigantic breakfast featuring all sorts of preparation of pig flesh. I doubt though that the Third Circle of Hell-- Cererus' sweet little eternity where gluttons like Falwell are condemned to live in mud, cold rain and hail falling on them while they eat their own excrement-- will be where he'll wind up. Nor will the Fourth circle-- the materialism circle-- be his final resting place. Nah, the welcome mat is out for ole Jerry at the Eighth Circle (for those guilty of deliberate Evil), either in Bolgia 4 (false prophets, tailormade for him) or Bolgia 5 (corrupt politicians). The false prophets wind up with their heads twisted around facing backwards and the rotten pols spend eternity in a lake of boiling tar. Of course Bolgia 9 would be no stretch either-- an unpleasant little eternity for the sowers of discord. Dante has assigned Muhammad there.
I was not a major Falwell fan, but I feel sure he is in Heaven, not Hell (although I agree with DownWithTyranny that is where Muhammad is.) I do pray for his family and the people at Liberty University.

I also notice the Muslims thought it appropriate to take a shot at Falwell after he died. inshallahshaheed blogged
So this ugly Kaafir, Jelly Falwell (may he be tortured in the grave and roasted in the Hellfire), just recently died. I hope his death was horrible and painful when the Angel of Death ripped out his soul. In fact, that’s what is expected for all non-Muslims that die as non-Muslims. They rebelled with their Shirk and Kufr, so the Angels of Death will give them a taste of that rebellion. But Jerry Falwell is different. He deserves it more than most Christians.
Like any other Christian he will receive eternal life in Heaven, and he did not have blow himself up to get it.
So at the sight of his death, we say, “Alhamdullilah, that Allah ‘Azza wa Jall purified the earth from one impure (najas) Kaafir.” His death should also be a reminder to all non-Muslims. That reminder is: Everyone will taste death. That is the practice of Allah and nobody can escape it. So ponder about becoming Muslim.
So you can blow yourself up trying to get into Heaven.

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