Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prisoners convert to Islam in escape plot

NZ Herald reported One of Australia's most dangerous criminals paid fellow inmates to convert to Islam as a prelude to planning an audacious escape from the country's toughest jail, it was alleged yesterday.

I can imagine them wanting to get out of prison, but does the "expression from the frying pan into the fire" come to mind?
Convicted murderer Bassam Hamzy arranged for cash payments to be secretly made to prisoners prepared to worship Allah and help him plot an escape from the Super Max section of Goulburn jail in New South Wales. In what prison authorities described as a "pay to pray" conspiracy, 12 of the 37 inmates at the Super Max facility became Muslim fundamentalists or converts. They all shaved their heads, grew long beards and prayed in their cells up to five times a day. Some are of Muslim background but others are white Australians or Aborigines.

A small but growing number of Aborigines are turning to Islam, in part as a source of spiritual pride but also as a rejection of the drug and alcohol abuse which has wreaked havoc among indigenous people.
They should be proud of their accomplishments, but they might want to embrace Jesus. He will love them, and if they lose their way and reject Christianity He will not have them killed.

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